Shakti Bass is OUT! - New Album Release by Fractal Force

Shakti Bass is OUT!  - New Album Release by Fractal Force

Take a listen to this new album by Fractal Force, and delight in Your inner movements with the waves and pulses of Shakti as scared mantras ripple from the insides of the Core of Creation, reaching and spiraling endlessly outwards dancing around Your interplay into various cavities of the Universe in what will be Your intercourse with these tides of existence…

"The Dark Mother" - Session Art & Description by Devakar

This piece was created early on in my work with Asha. When I met her, at a local café, we immediately

dove into the crux of life. I talked about my abusive mother who had just passed. About how horribly

she had died, fearing she wasn’t going to go to heaven, and how I was haunted by the abuse I had

suffered throughout my childhood. Asha asked if I had heard of a method of healing named

“psychopomp”. When I said no, she suggested it would help me clear things up and invited me to work

with her.

After a few sessions it was time for the psychopomp, we were ready to help my mother cross over. The

session was intense. I dropped into an infantile state, faced the abyss of Abandonment, and began to

make progress as Asha spoke, her hands touching me here and there, her breathe a sing-song breeze

clearing the space. I remember feeling a lot pain and shedding tears as I lay curled up on her table, while,

deeper inside we reached my mother who dwelled in the dark. There were flames and a moment where

we didn’t know what would happen. Then she turned to the light, and I witnessed her, my mother, cross

over into the light.

My life shifted as her presence, now made of light, poured into me. I felt a permanent difference, a

change of being that is expansive and bright. Asha and I would continue the work of bridging the Abyss

and freeing my spirit from its embodied pattern of neglect and abuse. And my mother, as spirit, would

assist the process and give me the love I always wanted. I marvel at the play of life, the Dark Mother and

the Light Mother, and how I am here to experience the full range of being.

When I look at my past, of the Dark Mother who broke me down and kicked me out, I see the event

without judgement. The Dark Mother is simply an aspect of Creation. That’s how life played out. And I’m

so grateful to be alive, present, in surrender and awe of today, that nothing else matters. For a while it

seemed I was helpless and life was hopeless, then— the projection fell away and here stands the person

I dreamed of being. Life is glorious. Love is everywhere. I’m free.

Devakar is a local visual artist, poet, and client of The Awakening. To see more of his art follow him on Instagram @devakar_duronslet

Testimonial from Megan, Healer and Integration Coach

My channeled session with Asha was nothing short of amazing. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Asha is so clearly a conduit of spirit that any resistance I had to the experience melted away. I connected with an energy that felt very near to me, and it was incredible to experience this and receive the deeper wisdom of the journey it’s helping to guide me along.

Weeks after the session, I attribute recent deep lessons and inner peace to the messages Asha channeled for me. It was so powerful.

Freedom to Nap: A Story of Love in Simplicity

I took a mid-day nap. Yes, I, took a nap.

For most people a nap like this would be SUPER easy (and those of You who are reading this at work, probably longed for), but seriously, this was a challenge.

Today I did a Distance Channeled Healing Session with an Awakened One in New York, and shortly after, this Tweet arose from it: “Find Yourself seated or laying down with Your hands on Your womb and solar plexus. Repeat 3x each: ‘I am safe to relax now...’. Bring them to Your heart: ‘I am free to relax now...’. Imagine Yourself free from all that brings You pain. You are Love now. Let Love stream in.”

After the Session I engaged in my energy cleansing practice, Kenyoku-ho taken from Buddhist monks and my training in the Japanese practice of reiki, splashing cold water on my face, head and hands. As the cold water met my skin, gentle tears started flowing down my cheek:. The message: “I am free to relax now,” touched my heart, and I remembered yesterday during an evening meditation, that my Guides has told me when I asked if there was anything I could improve in my channeling Practice, that I should take more mid-day naps— “I most certainly can do that!,” I had joyfully remarked. …Well, now was about that time.

I walked myself over to my bedroom, crawled under the down comforter and tucked myself into “The Cloud” (my bed). “I’m a Nervous Nancy of napping!”, I yelled out to my friend doing some work in the living room. And I laid there, surprised at how much unsettled zingy energy there was in my body despite multiple meditations, tea, and self work I had done prior today!

Behind closed eyelids, it dawned on me: I’m not sure how many times I have taken a nap by myself willingly. Shortly thereafter, I remembered how, as a child, my mother used to lock me in my bedroom when she wanted me to rest, and I either played by myself secretly or screamed for hours restless. I also remember, as an adolescent and a teenager desperately feeling like I needed rest through all the growth spurts and hormonal changes, and being scolded for not being up and about doing chores. So You see, napping wasn’t really something I associated with rest, to say the least.

…I laid hands on my head and throat and relaxed into a peaceful hour snooze after that…

When I woke up, I walked back into the living room and took a seat by the sunlit window, and let myself gaze off into the distance. Tears streamed down my face. My heart was feeling so tender. It had felt so good to sleep. So nourishing, and yet, a part of me felt somewhat guilty for gifting myself the leisure of this peaceful solitude, this simple act of self-love.

At that point, I wanted a coffee so badly, but thought about how recently my Intergalactic Guides had warned me against drinking coffee as it densifies myself as a channel and creates mucus in the body, sludge I have to laboriously hack out of my throat when I want to channel (similar to when You are brushing Your tongue and start gagging—who likes that?!) I was reminiscing on the buzzy pick-me-up a steamy cup of coffee always had on me, vividly recalling how it used to snap me out of the morning blues before heading off to the grind of my old 9-5 before I devoted myself to this Path and this Practice… yet I opted, on this cold blustery, day in SF, for a cozy cup of homemade hot cacao instead, and was transported to when I was a kid in Boston warming my bones while sipping hot cocoa on a snowy, winter day.

This is the good stuff. The rich cacao had just a touch of caffeine to brighten my Spirits, and the serotonin did me well. I smiled, and decided I would write You this Love letter, this blog post.

It’s funny how such a simple act of self-love, an afternoon nap, can be such a HUGE healing.

This act was a reminder that if we listen, truly listen, to the places in us that make us uncomfortable, we can find a blanket waiting to swaddle us in Love.

Tomorrow, nap-time awaits…